Re: Redundancy of doctors through carbon duplication… Can a senior-aged doctor give birth to a pink furry Asian woman? Will Nurse Lacey come to terms with her intense fear of penises? Will Lindsay Austin find her estranged husband? Find out in the current installment of this super-sciencey psycho-sexual cosmo-tological melodrama.

Re: Desertion/Time Off Requests (failure to submit)… Nurse Ratknee and Joe Buckfire’s fully unauthorized sabbatical in the primitive back woods of a planet formerly known as “Earth” comes forcibly to a close, just as a clash with the local townies comes to a head. Visiting crewmembers of Space Hospital are treated to a tour of the local fauna, followed by a long drive down a short road. Conflict ensues. We all learn to love again. Grab your ten-gallon hat (that’s 37.8 litres) and belly up to the bar for Part 1 of a very rural episode of Space Hospital.

**download the songs at** Welcome to The Endless 2013 Holiday EP! This year, we are so thrilled to share two songs from our upcoming album, “In The Waves.” It has been five years since we have released original music, and we are so excited to start letting our little songs out into the world. Look for the complete album in May 2014. Please note that all proceeds from the sale of this download go to Tie The Knot ( When downloading, please consider donating to their worthy cause. A warm and happy holiday season to you all! Love, Adriana & David The Endless